Cnc Swiss Machine

Cnc Swiss Machine

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Cnc Swiss Machine

Five Reasons To Opt For CNC Swiss Machine

When in need of plastic parts and custom metal, there are many options to consider such as forming, casting, and machining. However, CNC Swiss machine is known to provide the best turnkey machining solution. The machines are more durable powerful, and versatile than ever.

Swiss machining delivers the most precise components and tightest tolerances.

Unlike other turning equipment, CNC Swiss machine clamps the workpiece closer to the cutting device and utilize various axis configurations to perform many operations simultaneously.

The flexibility of this equipment makes it possible for manufacturers to produce complex parts orders in large quantity while minimizing cost and needless processes. Swiss machining will help you streamline your production operations as well as give you an edge in your industry.

Here are five reasons to consider getting a CNC Swiss machine

1. Exceptional Precision

Swiss machining is appropriate for a large quantity of small, high-precision parts. This is because of a sliding headstock clamps the workpiece closer to the cutting device without difficulty.

Deflection often occurs when a physical object is subjected to force, and on a conventional lathe, deflection can distort the accuracy of the cut.

However, the guide bushing of the Swiss machine which supports the workpiece helps to reduce bending and deflection at the cutting surface. It also allows for better precision and tighter tolerances throughout the machining of the workpiece.

2. Materials

When equipped with the right tooling, Swiss machining can cut even the toughest materials. These materials range from plastics to hard metals, to most engineering grade bar stock materials that are up to 32 mm in diameter.

3. Cost

The remarkable efficiency of Swiss machining makes it a cost effective operation. Advanced tooling allows for a

streamlined machining process, constantly fed through a bar feeder. This facilitates the production of complex geometries at a phenomenal speed. The powerful functionality of these machines ensures that users will not have a need for expensive secondary finishing services. Plus, it reduces labor costs as most of these operations do not require a human operator.

4. Industry Applications

Other lathes come with a fixed headstock, and this makes it impossible to achieve tight tolerances and small diameters that are required by quite a number of critical-use-application parts.

However, the Swiss machine comes with a sliding headstock and guide bushing that allows for enhanced precision. This makes the equipment especially useful for industry-specific manufacturing medical machining and aerospace machining.

5. No Secondary Operations Required

The flexibility of Swiss machining rules out the need for additional finishing services. The reason being that Swiss machines can grind, drill, saw, and mill. The added capabilities of the machine allow manufacturers to save on both production cost and time.

The guide bushing and the geometry in the tool zone enhances the productivity of the CNC swiss machine. Undoubtedly, the capabilities of the machine improves the quality of the work performed with the machine and eliminates the use of secondary finishing operations even for complex workpieces. Also the additinal options, tools, and sophisticated controls allows for streamlining of the machining process.


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