Aluminum Composite Materials

When it comes to Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), Sheet Metal Supply knows best. This technology has proved to be highly successful in terms of adaptability and resistance, similar to the traditional I-beam.

Our company considered as a priority to offer these structures at affordable prices. Its rising popularity has made these so-called “Sandwich panels” to be extremely requested all over the country. Such popularity is coherent with the practicality of the structure since the immense variety of applications available makes it a unique building component.

To get a grasp of the importance ACM has in the current construction world, let’s start by taking a look at one amazing product available at Sheet Metal Supply: Aluminum composite panels.

Aluminum composite panels: exteriors don’t get better than this

Sheet Metal Supply’s aluminum composite panels are a guarantee for perfect exterior design. This high-performance composite panel cladding is attached with a clip system that ensures solidness while still providing an impressive exterior facade.

There are a set of benefits from incorporating this technology into your project, starting at the aluminum composite material’s low price. When compared to similar materials, there’s nothing ACM can’t do. On top of that, this type of panel is energy-efficient and allows the project leaders to imagine further construction possibilities thanks to its practicality.

Ideal for ventilated facades, these aluminum composite panels of 4×8 provide an unparalleled menu of solutions for architectural minds to have fun with.

You might be wondering: “how can I be sure that all of the materials are of great quality?”

Well, let’s check out exactly how does Sheet Metal Supply ensures the quality of their products.


All of the materials found at Sheet Metal Supply are guarded with Kynar®500, a fluoropolymer resin thought to extend the coatings’ life. At the factories, Kynar®500 is applied to metal and aluminum substrates at extremely high temperatures. This substance is known for being the best at its job, which is creating long-lasting materials while enhancing its durability.

G-90 Galvanized & Galvalume Mill Finish

G-90 galvanized coating is universally the best call when wanting to extend metal’s life. With a thickness of 0.5 mils on each side of the steel, this process ensures an extra layer of protection to the material.

On the other hand, Galvalume Mill Finish is a combination of zinc and aluminum that enhances corrosion resistance in the applied steel.  Both processes grant our products impressive protection and guarantee unbeatable durability.

Paint Grip

In the search for anti-corrosion protection, Sheet Metal Supply adds paint grip to the list. Also called bonderized steel, this process consists of putting steel through a phosphate bath. After chromatically drying the material, the result is a ready-to-paint piece with more resistance than ever.

Aluminum: Mill Finish or Anodized 

Among the extrusion finishes offered at Sheet Metal Supply, there is Millish Aluminum. This is the pure state of the material without any surface treatment made, which explains its “mirror-like” resemblance.

There is also the anodized finish, an electrolytic process that grants the piece extra corrosion resistance. This also gets rids of the layer of oxide over the surface that raw aluminum often has.

On top of the extensive treatments in the search for the greatest possible quality, Sheet Metal Supply is a proud partner of Rheinzink Architectural Zinc. This company is the world’s leading producer of titanium zinc. Such partnership offers us the possibility to have in stock some of the best Aluminum Composite Materials in the country.

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