Architectural Metals

The home of Illinois’ finest architectural metals continues to fulfill the lways demanding building business’s needs. Sheet Metal Supply grants its customers an unparalleled variety of building components. Now in a new location, this company presents itself as the better option for all kinds of architectural projects in the region.

To establish itself as a tier-one company, Sheet Metal Supply has permanently innovated its stock opportunities while remaining available for all kinds of projects and customers. The world of construction constantly presents new challenges and expectations, from maximum durability all the way to aesthetic trends.

In that sense, Sheet Metal Supply has managed to keep offering the very best of the best. It’s hard, if not impossible, to find a better supplier. Let’s check out how they accomplish such fame by revising the quality and variety of their stock.

Low Slope Materials: state-of-the-art metal technology

When it comes to flat or near-flat rooftops, Sheet Metal Supply offers some of the market’s best complements. Starting with their ES-1 Rated Edge Systems, this company has over 25 years fabricating perimeter edge flashing. Such experience granted them the possibility to develop three products already tested to be ANSI/SPRI ES-1 compliant.

Among those, there is the Megalock2, a two-part perimeter edge flashing for single-ply slow roofs. This product is available in lengths of 10 feet, and you can find more about them at Megalock Perimeter Edge Flashing – Sheet Metal Supply (

There are also variations of this two-part perimeter edge flashing in the Edgelock and Keylock models, available in standard lengths of 10 feet and elaborated with steel and aluminum substrates. These come with Kynar500 color finishes, G-90 Galvanized & Galvalume Mill Finish, Freedom Gray, and Paint Grips.

For low-slope roofs, Sheet Metal offers a great deal on their soffits panels, all of them formed to offer design flexibility and economical fabrication. These attractive panels are 1” deep in widths of 8” – 20” and have optional stiffening and perforated venting available. You can learn more about this fantastic product at Soffit Panels, Roll Formed – Sheet Metal Supply Low Slope Roofing (

When it comes to drainage, the company offers a variety of products ranging from 4” x 5” downspouts, scupper boxes (with or without sleeves, with open or closed tops) and shop fab gutters.

Their accessories are also a great opportunity, as they include surface mounted and reglet mounted counter flashing sheets, roof curbs, pitch pans, and many more. You can check all of them out at Low Slope Metal Accessories – Sheet Metal Supply (

Steep Slope roofs building opportunities

For Steep Slope roofs, the Sheet Metal’s stock is unparalleled. Their metal roofing products are among the best when it comes to quality and durability, both features one must always look for when acquiring building components. Ranging from 1” to 2” lengths, these metal sheets are affordable as few in the current market.

Among the available stock, there are also great deals for steep slope flashing, including the Valley, J-Channel, and Z-Closure models. More info on these products can be found at Steep Slope Flashing- Sheet Metal Supply Metal Roofing (

On top of that, Sheet Metal Supply has become an official stocking distributor of S-5® products. This grants a whole new range of 100% American-made products focused on snow retention; the company now offers several types of clamps and accessories in addition to the ColorGard® snow retention system.

The accessories available for steep slope roofs are also greatly varied, and you can look for what you need at Roofing Accessories- Sheet Metal Supply Has What You Need (

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