Sheet Metal Fabricators Chicago

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a group of processes that uses sheet metal to construct structures.

It involves turning flat sheets of metals into structures or products by different processes and the use of specialized tools.

Common sheet metals include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. Sheet metal fabricators in Chicago transform these plain sheets of metal into functional parts.

Sheet metal fabrication has a lot of benefits. It is  used in specialist industries such as aerospace and automotive for industrial and consumer purposes, such as industrial and residential roofing systems.

Roof Slopes and Facade

We are a sheet metal fabricator in Chicago that fabricates and supplies steep slope roofs, low slope roofs, and facades.

Low slope: Although a roof surface must not be completely flat, roofs with low slopes look almost flat.

Water and debris do not roll automatically off the roof, we fabricate and supply roofs with water-tight membranes that can resist standing water.

Our low slope roofs are resistant to sunlight, wind, ultraviolet rays, water, wind.

Steep slope: These are commercial roofings that are steeper than low slope roofs. Water and other materials slide over the edges of this type of roof.

Our roofing supplies are made with the best materials like shingles, tiles, metals to encourage water, and other materials on the roof to roll smoothly off the roof.


It is also an essential component of a building required by manufacturers and suppliers.

It protects the building from adverse external factors such as wind, rain, sunlight.

We supply different types suitable for different building structure such as;

  • Lightweight facade
  • Heavyweight facade
  • PrefabricatedTraditional

Three Methods of Fabricating Sheet Metal

Below are the three methods of fabricating sheet metal:


This involves reshaping materials to the desired structures. It involves stamping, bending, stretching, and roll forming.

  • Stamping: This involves pressing down sheets of metal by placing them between two dies until the desired structure is achieved.
  • Bending: It involves the use of brakes or hands to press down a sheet of metal.
  • Stretching: It involves the use of a stretcher to pull the sheets apart.
  •  Roll forming: This involves passing a sheet of metal through a pair of rolls to achieve bending the entire length of the sheet.


After getting the desired shape from the forming stage, the metal sheets undergo the cutting process. Cutting can be done with the use of shear and also without the use of one. Shear cutting includes manual methods such as; Shearing, Blanking.

Our cutting is done by more sophisticated industrial methods such as the use of

  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet Cutting
  • Plasma heating


After the sheets have been successfully cut into the desired sizes and shapes, we proceed to the joining process.

This involves activities such as;

  • Use of adhesive
  • Welding
  • Brazing

After these processes, we proceed into the finishing process. This is done to ensure our commercial roofing materials are ready for use.

The finishing process involves; annealing, coating, cleaning, spraying. We are an unsurpassed sheet metal fabricators in Chicago that  supplies and fabricates quality commercial roofing products needed for your building projects. Contact Sheet Metal Supply for a free quotation: (877) 269-0073